World Health Organization chief says China’s zero-COVID policy not sustainable

The head of the World Health Organization (WHO) says China’s zero-tolerance COVID-19 policy is not sustainable given what is now known about the virus Key points: The WHO says increased knowledge and better tools to combat the virus suggest it is time for a change in China’s approach China’s zero-COVID policy has drawn criticism from … Read more

Postcards from the front lines of climate change

Tok Pisin • 版 版 • Indonesian NOTE: THE FOLLOWING ARTICLE IS AN INTERACTIVE STORYTELLING FEATURE – TO EXPERIENCE IT IN ITS INTENDED FORMAT PLEASE CLICK HERE. Australia has some 16 Pacific Island neighbors – some with a land mass a millionth our size – who unanimously declare climate change the “single greatest threat” to … Read more

Calls to revive immigration process for health professionals to address ‘serious’ labor shortages

When United States nurse Joshua Gregory returned to university in 2018, his goal was only to work in Australia. key point: The medical agency said the red tape and the very complicated visa process prevented talented workers from moving to Australia Low migration rates and burns in the health sector as long as COVID-19 has … Read more

When the Internet Knows Where You Live

On April 28, Weibo, China’s equivalent to Twitter, announced that it would begin displaying users’ IP address locations on their profile pages and on all replies posted to the site. The company framed the feature as a necessary measure for “maintaining a healthy and orderly environment for discussion.” According to Weibo’s official community account, the … Read more

After COVID-19, experts say it is ‘disappointing’ that health care is not a greater focus in this election

When it comes to managing your health, the first person you can go to is your doctor. General practitioners cover all of acute illnesses such as infections and the flu, as well as chronic conditions such as depression and diabetes. But until now, very little in this election campaign was about how either party would … Read more