The Recession No One Will Discuss; As Equity Investors Rush To Exit

ADP Small Business Employment Universal Value Advisors Employment – Weaker than the Narrative The markets yawned at April’s headline Payroll Survey number (+ 428K) despite the media’s characterization of the report as “strong.” That’s because, upon further analysis, the most charitable description would be, in our view, “mixed.” In fact, “worrisome” would be our best … Read more

Is the Fed facing a credibility problem and why is gold price the ‘punching bag’?

(Kitco News) Extreme volatility in the marketplace in reaction to the latest policy shift by the Federal Reserve has many risk-on assets in a downward spiral, but why is gold – a safe-haven asset – once again ‘the punching bag’? Gold failed to hold above the $ 1,900 an ounce level this week as markets … Read more