Pixel 5a, Galaxy S21 FE

Photo: Sam Rutherford / Gizmodo I don’t consider myself an audiophile but I appreciate a good pair of wired headphones. It’s why you’ll find me wearing Sennheiser HD650 (OK, fine, the Massdrop XX version) on most days. When it comes to listening on mobile, I’ve been backed into a corner by the slow extinction of … Read more

How to Spot an Explosive Phone Battery (and What to Do About It)

Photo: FellowNeko (Shutterstock) Most of us are surrounded by flammable objects that we willingly paid for. Be it smartphones, laptops, or literally any gadget that has a battery, they’re all vulnerable to catching fire. (Samsung Note 7, anyone?) Your devices are unlikely to catch fire and explode without warning, but you should understand when there’s … Read more

Apple Gifts Mac Studio, Studio Display, and More to Aspiring Videographer

Apple recently teamed up with YouTuber Jared Polin to offer a “dream studio” to a young, aspiring photographer and videographer named Cam Blumberg. Polin, who runs the photography website Fro Knows Photocaptured the touching moment on video. Polin invited Blumberg to his studio for a supposed tour, but he ended up surprising him with a … Read more

The Best Phones for People Who Hate Upgrading

Photo: mokjc (Shutterstock) For the longest time, it was standard practice to buy a new phone every two years. Some companies even tried to make swapping out your phone once a year the norm. However, the phones of today don’t slow down to a crawl after one or two years like they used to. Hardware … Read more

People who love buying new gadgets are NOT materialistic – they just love learning about new tech

Whether it’s the latest iPhone or a next-generation smart speaker, many people can’t resist splurging when a new gadget is launched. While gadget lovers are often seen as materialistic, a new study suggests that this isn’t the case. Instead, researchers from Duke University suggest that people who love buying new devices simply love learning about … Read more