Here are 4 reasons why market volatility is unlikely to soon subside

The list of reasons why the financial market’s wild swings can keep going and even worsen is growing by the day – starting with the fact that investors aren’t yet pricing in worst-case scenarios for inflation and the US economy. Though Wednesday’s consumer-price index report for April should offer more clues, the data won’t entirely … Read more

Mark Cuban: ‘Crypto is going through the lull that the internet went through’

Billionaire entrepreneur Mark Cuban thinks that cryptocurrency is on the same downswing that tech and internet companies hit in the early 2000s. Bitcoin hit a 10-month low as U, S. stocks continued to fall on Monday. And sales of non-fungible tokens, aka NFTsplummeted between January and March 2022. Cuban addressed the slump in a viral … Read more

FAANG stocks plus Microsoft lost $ 1.4 trillion in market value during April

On another difficult Friday afternoon for the stock market, the broad US indexes ended with significant declines. One element that stood out during such a rough year for technology stocks was that the FAANG group (Facebook holding company Meta Platforms Inc. FB, Apple Inc. AAPL, Inc. AMZN, Netflix Inc. NFLX, Google holding company Alphabet … Read more

Most Americans were feeling gloomy even before Thursday’s dramatic dive in stocks – and now they fear a prolonged bear market

In a matter of hours, promising signs from of stock market rally have turned into pessimism, even panic. For retail investors trying to get their legs during a volatile moment, Thursday’s deep downward lurch is exactly what they didn’t want. But it might be what they knew was bound to happen all along. A day … Read more